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Is XoftSpySE Software Really Safe and Effective?

If you are thinking about downloading the free XoftSpySE software, think again before you do. Is this software really safe? Is it effective? Just what is XoftSpySE supposed to do, and does it actually do it? Let us take a look … Xoftspyse Anti-Spyware is a product of ParetoLogic which is a software development company that has been around for a while and is known for their anti-virus and security oriented software. Among the many products offered by ParetoLogic other than XoftSpySE, they offer Backup, RegCurePro, PC Health Advisor, EasyFileViewer, FileCure, Anti-VirusPlus, DataRecoveryPro, and Privacy Controls. If you have a need for PC organizational and administrative software that makes your PC run better, then ParetoLogic will probably have a product just right for you. Many of these products offer an initial copy that is free to download.

So if ParetoLogic has a good reputation coupled with a solid history of quality products, does Xoftspyse Anti-Spyware live up to known reputation? Let’s take a look. What is XoftSpy SE, and what can it do for you? Designed to protect your PC, XoftSpySE is loaded with spyware protection features and ease-of-use items. The interface used by XoftSpySE is commonsense oriented and simple to use. You can choose from multiple scanning options and then send your software off to find anyone sneaking around your PC. It is designed to sort through and find various types of spyware and malware and eliminate them.

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XoftSpySE was designed to protect your credit card, bank account, and online ID as well as prevent a ton of unwanted advertising and pop-ups from showing up on your screen. Any malicious code of any kind will be found by this software and removed. So what are the features of this antispyware, and what do customers have to say about it?

Features of XoftSpySE

• Easy to use
• Start Up Editor – manages all the programs and features right from the automatic launch.
• Compatible with 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 7 OS.
• Registry, folders, files, and processes are all scanned by XoftSpySE.
• Video presentation on the download to get you started.
• Frequent updates from the ParetoLogic spyware database.
• XoftSpySE finds and disposes of adware, popup generators, spyware, worms, malicious code, Trojans and other viruses, as well as keyloggers and hijackers.
• Eliminates add-ons that are unwanted and not asked for.
• Scheduling options that are well advanced of other programs so that XoftSpySE scans can be scheduled to run at any time.

What XoftSpySE Users Are Saying

XoftSpySE Reviews

Professional reviews give the XoftSpySE software a rating of 5 out of 5 for quality and 4 out of 5 for features. What some of these reviewers have said about this software is that it does indeed live up to the ParetoLogic family reputation for quality and with the same innovation found in all of their software products. They also agree that the XoftSpySE software is complete in its spyware protection.

One of the most impressive things that the professional reviewers are saying about ParetoLogic’s XoftSpySE is that it is FREE to all users at this point. Future upgrades are expected to cost, but with all the features mentioned above, it is remarkable that this is free software. Users’ reviews indicate that the XoftSpySE software is as good as advertised in terms of pc protection as well as removal and repair of files and programs. It should also be noted that this free download comes with online chat customer support if you have any problems.

All of this is designed to build your loyalty to ParetoLogic so that you will pay for upgrades of the XoftSpySE program or purchase their other products. With the quality they offer in their product line, there is certainly no risk in taking them up on this offer. XoftSpySE software is well-worth the download.


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